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Catering at Rushcroft is provided by:
Olive Dining Ltd
The Byre, 
Home Farm
Goodley Stock Road
Kent, TN16 1SL


Company registration number: 08093774

Please click here for further information from Olive Dining Ltd

Menus and prices - Please note that from September 2017 the meal price will be £2.30.

The school's lunch time menus run on a three week rota; below are the menus for spring 2017. 

Week 1 menus

Week 2 menus

Week 3 menus

The price of the meal of the day and the free school meal entitlement is £2.15 (£2.30 from September 2017). In addition to the meal of the day, we have a wide variety of other items that students can choose from, including baguettes, sandwiches, salad boxes, fresh fruit and yoghurt pots. Breakfast is available from 8.15 to 8.35 a.m. and hot food is served at both break and lunchtime. As a Healthy School, our menus adhere to high levels of nutritional guidelines.

How to pay

Please use the on-line credit system for your child's meals if at all possible.  You can access the Tucasi payments site via the Payments button on our home page.

We also accept cheques payable to Olive Dining Ltd. If cash payments are unavoidable, please give your child enough cash to put into the cash loader machines to last for at least a week (preferably longer).  The machines accept notes.  The school office does not provide change.

Biometric registration

We are a 'cashless' school and all students use the cashless system to purchase food and to borrow from the library.  Fingerprints are taken and immediately encrypted; images are not stored and data protection procedures ensure security.  

Cashless catering and consent for the use of biometric data (letter)

Free School Meals

If you think your child is eligible to receive free school meals, you can obtain more information and apply online at or phone 020 8496 8506/8505 or 020 8496 3000. If you are eligible, please make sure you are registered, as the school will receive additional funding for each child registered for free school meals. The school office will be happy to assist you with your application. Students' free school meals allowances are loaded on to their account daily and may be spent at break or lunch times for food, drinks or snacks.  All children use the same system and go through the same till process.

Free Breakfast Snack for Years 7 and 8

The Leader of Waltham Forest Council  has pledged to pay the cost of a breakfast snack for Years 7 and 8 in Waltham Forest schools.  The Leader's Pledge Breakfast Club provides funding to enable all Year 7 and 8 students to claim a free breakfast snack to the value of 80p, every school day.

Students may claim their free snack from the school food counter before 8.40 a.m. or alternatively ask the Catering Assistant to use the 80p to subsidise a more expensive food item or drink.  Items available include toast, cereal, milk, fruit juice, bacon rolls, hot chocolate and fruit.

Year 7 and 8 students arriving before 8.00 a.m. may attend breakfast club in the school library and claim £1 towards a subsidised or free breakfast.